Meet our Emerging Class of Planet3 Explorers in Nevada!



We are so excited to be piloting Planet3 in Nevada. The adoption of the Nevada Academic Content Standards for Science based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) means there are plenty of wonderful teachers in Nevada that are eager to try new ideas in their classrooms. Educators that have had an opportunity to try Planet3 say that this is their first exposure to an all-encompassing science education product which includes engaging videos, data sets, and real-world case studies. Participants also say that the product excites the students about learning and energizes the teachers about teaching science. Check out more of what teachers and principals had to say about Planet3 by watching our short film below.



Become a Planet3 Explorer!


Are you a Middle School Science teacher looking to bring hands-on exploration into your classroom? We’re looking for our next class of emerging Planet3 teacher-explorers to bring Planet3 into their school and classrooms and help shape how we teach to Next Generation Science Standards