At Planet3, we value and depend on our stellar team of teachers and administrators, who help shape and guide the Planet3 Platform


Our Planet3 Explorers in Nevada have generously donated their time and expertise to pilot the Planet3 platform in their classrooms. Our Explorers provide us with valuable feedback about technical features, curriculum, and classroom implementation that help us improve our product. We also are deeply indebted to our group of administrators who have championed Planet3 and supported their teachers along this journey.

Thank you!


2016-2017 School Year

Planet3 Explorer Teachers

David Aikman

Robin Young Ames

Sarah Andres

Kevin Arnold

Amber Ballagh

Dana Blane

Mary Breslin

Dawn Caldwell

Anthea Campbell

Tonya Carroll

Jason Carter

Keith Casey

Theresa Cawthorn-Jalbert

Stacey Chambers

Roger Cramer

Yvonne Cuddihy

Amy Etter

Jennifer Evans

Scot Ewen

Tracy Farley

Kathryn Fitzpatrick

Melinira Fletcher

Bryan Flickinger

Abby Garrison

Jarell Green

Edie Guerra

Kara Haines

Kimberly Hansen

William Harvey

Ryan Howe

Dan Jalbert

Tammy Juarez

Jennifer Khachikian

Terin Kirk

Jessica Kruze

Ruth Kryk

Adriana Kuhlman

Ashley Lucey

Renee Lust

Rachel Lutz

Donna Mack

Jack Mainguy

Angie Manzanares

Jill Marlar

Michelle Martens

Heather McEvoy

Laurie McKinnon

Kyle McNulty

Brian Mello

Mary Melnick

Brittany Moffat

Mike Moloney

Travis Neal

Susan Neuffer

Terry Noeth

Matt Oates

Jessica Odom

Christine Oneill

Edward Patricks

Erland Patterson

Travis Pearson

Jennifer Pequegnat

Vanessa Perry

Arianne Piedrahita

Colton Roberts

Cody Sanders

Dawn Snow

Monique Somma

Erin Strait

Angelica Terranova

Alaine Tingey

Kimberley Trueman

Angelica Ventrelli

Minli Wang

Katherine Willingham

Lesly Wright



2016-2017 School Year

Planet3 Explorer Administrators

Pier Angeli LaPlace | Terman Middle School

Mary Basso | O'Brien STEM Academy

Anna Belknap | Hyde Park Middle School

Sheryl Colgan | Clark County School District

Sean Davis | Anthony Saville Middle School

Nicole Donadio | Bob Miller Middle School

Susan Harrison-Rollins | Sig Rogich Middle School

Lisa Hickey | Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School

Katie Kinnaman | David Starr Jordan Middle School

Mike Martindale | O'Brien STEM Academy

Paula Naegle | Del Webb Middle School

Kelly O'Rourke | Lied Middle School

Laura Petersen | Dilworth STEM Academy

Merry Sillitoe | Charles Silvestri Junior High School

Pat Skorkowsky | Clark County School District

Georgia Taton | Kenny C. Guinn Middle School

Keith Wipperman | Justice Myron Middle School